The Kingdom of God

This past Sunday, at Amana Christian Fellowship, Pastor Caleb spoke an amazing message on the Kingdom of God! One of the things he mentioned was that the Kingdom of God must have a king – King Jesus! At times, living in the USA, we struggle to recognize that we are subjects of a King that we don’t replace in the next election year. He is a loving King who provides, comforts, reveals Himself to, and fellowships with His children. All that said, He also desires His children to be intentional about advancing His Kingdom.

In Genesis 15, Abraham was given a promise by God that he and His Seed (Jesus and all those in Him via the born again experience by His grace through faith)


In Hebrews 11, we see that Abraham died without inheriting that promise. That means the fulfillment of that promise is still to come!

Though the Kingdom of God is at hand,  the fulfillment and complete fruition of that Kingdom will come to completion at the return of Jesus, when He will literally establish His Kingdom in the geographical location promised in Genesis 15! What an amazing thought to think of our inheritance that will never fade or perish! We in Christ will be royalty-FOREVER IN JESUS!

So here’s the question:

How are you being intentional in utilizing your giftings of God, your resources from God, your influence God has given you, your time and energy, to advance the Kingdom of God today?