Lessons from a Candy Cane

After Christmas last year, my wife and I decided we would begin adding one Christmas light item to our tiny light display for our yard. Of course, we reasoned that we would buy one item each year after Christmas in order to get an “on sale” item. So, by the blog title, you may have guessed that we bought candy canes (10 of the light up kinds) to line our shrubs with! After a couple of broken stakes and other unforeseen difficulties, they look wonderful! Every afternoon, my kids get all excited to see the lights, especially the candy canes. It’s a fun time indeed!

With my oldest son just turning four years old, he likes to

figure everything out.  The other day, as he was fixing

the candy cane lights, he accidentally unplugged the third one. To his shock, candy canes 4 through 10 all went out too!  Of course we all know that unless they’re all connected, electricity cannot go through each one. However, I wonder sometimes if the body of Christ understands this from the spiritual glance???

Acts 2:42-47 tells us that the first church devoted themselves to the apostlesteaching, and to the fellowship

, to the breaking of bread, and to prayer.

This really shows the importance of community. Most believe that a healthy community is essential for a person’s well being. It’s why you want your kids to make certain types of friends, and to not make other type of friends. It’s why towns have events, parks, and ceremonies to get the people uniting. It’s healthy! If it’s healthy in general, how much more spiritually healthy is it for the body of Christ to be connected through community. The word does sound like “Common Unity.” Psalm 133 shows us that when brothers are united, the Anointing of God flows all over us! What a cool thought.

So, like the candy canes, I would love to see the people of God within the churches making an intentional effort to “connect with one another,” so the Anointed power of God (better than electricity) can flow from one person to another!

Like the candy canes, may your light shine bright for Jesus this Christmas season!