Why should I get connected?


At Amana, we believe that getting connected with other believers is an essential component for growth in your relationship with God.  Our hope is that the believers at Amana will grow in relationship with one another and with God by serving together, and, by doing life with one another. Sharing personal relationships with other disciples of Christ Jesus is one of the greatest ways to mature in your relationship with God. We hope that you will join one of our serve teams at Amana.  We have many serve teams ranging from children’s and youth departments, media department, greeting team, hospitality team, and many others.  At Amana, we hope that as you serve, you’ll connect with the ones you serve with, as well as the ones you serve. If you would like to get connected at Amana, we encourage you to join one of our many connect groups.  Connect groups are small groups of people that meet weekly or monthly either in homes or at Amana.  Our varying Connect Groups cover a variety of topics. They are designed to help you develop quality relationships with a few, rather than randomly being mixed in with the masses.  Our connect groups are designed to encourage the believers to grow closer together in casual fellowship, while they grow closer to Christ Jesus through the study of God’s life-giving words in the Bible.

Below is a list of our current Connect Groups that meet year round. We hope you find a group an get connected today!