Are You Available?

Have you ever wondered why God chose Moses to perform the miraculous events he did? If you think about it, Moses was basically the foreign policy minister of Israel.  God was telling Moses, who had a speak impediment, to talk Pharaoh into letting basically the entire work force of Egypt go free! This, of course, would lead to a serious economic collapse in Egypt, the world empire of the day!  Basically, God was asking Moses to convince Pharaoh to allow Egypt to economically collapse because a God that Pharaoh did not care about said to. This was an impossibility!  So why did God choose Moses?  Did Moses have a habit as a child of parting the bath water when bathing? Perhaps God thought he needed someone with the ability to part the Red Sea? Of course not, right? The point is that Moses had no supernatural abilities without God.  Moses couldn’t even talk well, and was being told to “speak” to the Pharaoh!  Plus, Moses was adopted family of Pharaoh, which meant he would most likely, as is with most family members, be taken lightly.

Perhaps God chose Moses, not for what he was “able” to do, but in spite of his abilities.  In the parable of the sower in Matthew 13, Jesus says that the seed (the Word of God) which fell on “good soil” (the hearts that received the gospel) produced in some a crop 30 fold, in some a crop 60 fold, and a crop in others 100 fold.   Why would the seed produce different amounts in different hearts which were all considered “good soil?”  Perhaps some hearts remain like Moses was at first, resistent to what God wants to do based on what they are “able” to do.  While others produced more because they, like Moses after God’s convincing, made themselves avail-“able” to God’s calling, in spite of their lack of abilities.  I believe those who believe God can make them able, in spite of their inabilities, will intentionally go forth in obedience, fully trusting that God will make them able, as they go forth.

Is God attempting to stretch your faith by tugging on your heart to do something beyond your ability?  If so, have the heart of Moses, and trust Him to make you able as you make yourself (by faith) avail-“able” to Him.