Something For Every Child

 Amana Kids’ Church is a high energy experience where kids and their friends can come together to celebrate Jesus Christ through power packed, age appropriate  presentations.  Stories, puppets, videos, games, activities, and exciting music are used to make their Kid’s Church experience something unforgettable!

But the energy in the building is not the most important aspect for our teachers.  Our teachers’ main goal is to help your children to begin and build their own personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.


First Time in Kids Church?

When you come to Amana Kid’s Church – look for one of our Kid’s Church volunteers. They will get you registered in the electronic check-in system (for your child’s safety) and get you to the right class!

Your child will be in the following classroom

Blue Classroom                  Little Lambs – 6 weeks through 1 year old

Red Classroom                  Tiny Tots – 2 years through 3 years old

Yellow Classroom               Discover Kids – 4 years old through 6 years old

Orange Classroom             Bible Explorers – 7 years old through 12 years old


Each classroom has at least two trained teachers.  When you arrive at Amana Kids’ Church, you will check your child in and receive a number to identify your child.  If you are needed, your number from the Kid Check-In station will be shown in church.


Weekly Offering

Offering collected in Kid’s Church is used specifically for a mission picked by the Kids’ Church Leaders. 

Let’s teach our kids the importance of giving in God’s Church.  They are not only blessing someone else, in turn they will be blessed.